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made for me, our comfort in mind

Audrey Sun cares for women’s health, beauty, and dignity.

"Audrey Sun is a women’s lifestyle brand created and developed by Australia’s Audrey Reefs by studying the application of everyday beauty and personal hygiene measures."

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Natural Cotton Puff

Made of 100% natural cotton, our puffs are hypoallergenic so they are great for sensitive skin.


Feminine Cleanser

Soft, gentle care for your intimate area with Eucalyptus Oil and balanced pH levels.


I usually get rashes around my thighs because of my allergies, which led me to try organic pads. I wasn't really sold on the organic pads untill I tried this one! No itching or rashes, I'm definitely going to keep using them now.

- MJ -

I LOVE these pads and liners! I'm always a bit worried about leakage, so I got the liners as well as the pads. Overall, better than expected.

- Stella H. -

I had no irritation with these pads, which is a first. They absorb well for organic pads and also the liners are surprisingly comfortable even though they're really thin.

- Bianca -