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Interesting facts about your period

We put together a few fun facts about us women’s periods that made us either laugh or go “Wow!” We hope you enjoy them too! 


Fun Fact #1:

Sleep affects your cycle, so much so that shift workers report irregular periods. However, for those who can get into a regular sleep pattern, additional exposure to light while sleeping for a few days during the last 2 weeks of their cycle can help regulate your period. This is because light exposure affects the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin, which helps control the release of the female reproductive hormones that determine when your menstrual cycle begins and ends. 


Fun Fact #2:  

Did you know there are literally thousands of euphemisms for a woman’s period around the world? Here are some of our favourites from Clue! 

  • German: Erdbeerwoche (Strawberry Week) and Die rote Pest (The red plague!) 
  • French: C'est une scène de crime dans ma culotte (It's a crime scene in my panties), Les anglais ont débarqué dans ma culotte (= The British army landed in my panties – This is related to the Napoleonic wars and the undesirable arrival of the English who wore red uniforms), and VHS (vaginalement hors service) (= VOO (Vaginally Out of Order)) 
  • Italian: E’ arrivato Giorgio (= Giorgio has arrived) 
  • Danish: Malere I opgangen (= painters in the stairway) and Kommunister I lysthuset (= Communists in the gazebo) 
  • Spanish: Descongelar el Bistec (= Defrosting the steak) 

Fun Fact #3:  

According to this report, the average woman spends almost 10 years of her lifetime on her period, with around 450 periods in total. Depending on how heavy her flow is, the average woman can use anywhere from 20 to 35 period products per period, so that adds up to between 9000 and just under 16000 period products over the course of a lifetime! Per woman! Considering the fact that the skin in and around the vaginal area can be up to 42 times more permeable than other parts of the body, it makes sense to use the sanitary product with the least risk of hazardous chemicals that could leech into your body through your skin and accumulate over time. Audrey Sun’s range of TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) pads have been tested and certified as having zero traces of hazardous chemicals. Seeing how you’ll be buying so many products over the course of your lifetime, grab a value bundle today and save! 


Fun Fact #4: 

Cold weather makes your periods worse! They get heavier and longer than normal, and even the pain levels are worse than in summer. The seasons can affect your PMS symptoms too, so go check out another one of our blogs here to find out some great home remedies for taking care of the monthly blues. 


Fun Fact #5: 

The sound of your voice changes during your period. According to these vocalisation researchers, our reproductive hormones can affect the vocal cords, meaning we can actually sound different to when we’re not bleeding! 


Fun Fact #6: 

Disney, yes THAT Disney, made a movie about periods in the 1940s. This production out of the magical kingdom is called The Story of Menstruation”, and it was paid for by Kotex. It’s basically an explanatory video for tweens about the coming changes in their young bodies. 


So, the more you know, right?! 

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