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Brand Story

made for me, our comfort in mind

All of us at Audrey Sun care about women, the environment and their health. When we discovered the potentially damaging effects of chemical accumulation in our bodies and the environment from the trace levels of chemicals left in conventional synthetic pads, we had to take a stand. We researched what other alternatives were available to women and girls, and we weren’t satisfied with what we found. Not everyone loves tampons, menstrual cups can be a bit icky and time-consuming, and other cotton pads we found were either non-organic, leaky, or both!

That’s why we created our TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) range of pads and pantyliners. They’re for women and girls who want the convenience of pads, but need to know they’re using the highest-quality product possible for their intimate area. They also care about the environment, and want to take steps in their own lives to reduce their own personal environmental impact.

We make our pads and pantyliners with 100% Certified Organic Cotton and PEFC Certified sustainably sourced absorbent pulp, so from the top to the core we’re using the healthiest, cleanest, most sustainable materials possible – for you, for us, for everyone.

We believe we’re making a difference, and we hope you’ll join us!


The brand logo of AUDREY SUN symbolizes the spirit of a woman leaping with joy and opening her arms to the beauty of nature. She is free to enjoy the life she wants to live. She is empowered. She knows that her choice of AUDREY SUN products are safe and reliable, and she uses them with her mind at ease.

We Care

That sums us up. We care about you, our customers. We care about your health. We care about the farmers who farm our cotton. We care about the forests we source our pulp from. We care about the safety and sustainability of our products, and about your safety, health, and comfort.