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made for me, our comfort in mind

Audrey Sun cares for maintain women’s health, beauty, and dignity.

"Audrey Sun is a women’s lifestyle brand created and developed by Australia’s Audrey Reefs by studying the application of everyday beauty and personal hygiene measures."


Your safety is our #1 priority, which is why we only use the highest grade certified organic cotton for our pads.


We worked hard to achieve what we call “Invisible Comfort”. Our pads are so thin and comfortable you’ll forget they’re there!


Our Air-laid core technology ensures that each pad is made to be as thin as possible without compromising absorbency.


Organic Period Pads

Our curved sanitary pads were thoughtfully designed with women’s bodies in mind, and display a structure that protects their elegance with a comfortable fit and secure construction.


Natural Cotton Puff

Made of 100% natural cotton, our puffs are hypoallergenic so they are great for sensitive skin.


Feminine Cleanser

Soft, gentle care for your intimate area with Eucalyptus Oil and balanced pH levels.


This newly manufactured product states that it is free from harmful ingredients so I gave it a try. AUDREY SUN has 7 layers so it absorbs faster and seems to last longer. I highly recommend these safe AUDREY SUN pads.

- Wonee’s Mom Blog -

The cotton texture feels great on your skin! I am especially cautious about products used for sensitive areas, but this is a safe product. The adhesive part has also been tested and verified to be safe so I don’t worry when it sometimes makes contact with my skin. I haven’t experienced any irritation so I am very satisfied with this pad.

- Dasim’s Mom Blog -

It’s so slim that it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing them. The cotton top sheet is really comfortable too. It absorbs very well and doesn’t bother me during light or heavy flow days. I think they are the slimmest and softest pads I have ever used so far.

- Bebeboto’s Blog -