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Organic Pads

12x Medium, 10x Large, 40x Pantyliner, 6x Overnight

*Total $37 Value

Echo Bag

Receive one of echo bag as a FREE GIFT when you order trial package.

Notice: The pads in this trial package are exactly same pads as our new organic pads but only packaging is different.

PADVER™ Tested

Our established testing criteria for notoriously found chemical ingredients in personal hygiene products (Phthalates, Adhesives, Derma/Skin irritants, Volatile organic compounds, Endocrine disruptors and Radon) certifies that our products are free from potentially harmful chemical substances.

Beyond Expectations

As an organization rooted in forward-thinking, we strive for the utmost credibility in international standards and certifications to ensure not only product safety but also positive global impact.

Invisible Comfort

Our Invisible Comfort Airlaid core ensures that each pad is made to be as thin as possible without compromising absorbency. Experience absolute comfort with the barely-there thinness and smooth cotton cushion of AUDREY SUN's slim pads.

Free of hazards

Formaldehyde, Fluorescent whitening agents, Colour additives, Chemical scents, Fragrances, Chlorine bleach

Top Sheet containing 100% organically grown cotton. Certified to the OCS by Control Union.

The Seal of Cotton and natural™ are trademarks of Cotton Incorporated.

Accredited for Innovation and Development by Audrey Reefs in Australia through the Certified Brand

All safety, health, and quality standards set by the United States Food and Drug Administration

From 100-Year-Experience of Organic Cotton Growers

The organic 100 content standard is an international certification standard that ensures the consistency and transparency of a wide range of textile products by confirming the inclusion and claims of organic raw materials in the final product by tracing each step in the making process from start to finish.

Audrey Sun proudly supports World Vision

Audrey Sun passionately supports numerous charities where every purchase allows us to help those in need around the world.