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Organic Double Core Large Pads 10P
TCF Double Core Large Sanitary Pads 10P - Audrey Sun
TCF Double Core Large Sanitary Pads 10P - Audrey Sun
TCF Double Core Large Sanitary Pads 10P - Audrey Sun
TCF Double Core Large Sanitary Pads 10P - Audrey Sun

Organic Double Core Large Pads 10P

Audrey Sun
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  • 100% certified organic cotton (OCS 100) for the topsheet, leak prevention barrier wings, and primary absorber
  • PEFC certified Scandinavian natural pulp secondary absorber
  • Hypoallergenic and German Dermatest ‘Excellent’ Grade
  • TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) and eco-friendly bleaching method – Better for you, better for the environment
  • Breathable materials including the backsheet for extra comfort

Audrey Sun TCF
Double Core™

Audrey Sun's TCF Double Core™ sanitary pads combine the best and latest technology to provide the ultimate combination of performance, safety, and sustainability. We're committed to giving you full transparency about our products so you know you're getting the best.

absorption patented
Double Core™

Audrey Sun TCF Double Core™ is the “Korea’s first Organic Cotton + Natural Compressed Pulp” double absorber sanitary pad, which improves absorption by combining the fit and comfort of cotton and absorbency of compressed pulp.

*TCF Cotton Core pantyliner is comprised of 100% organic cotton top-sheet and single layer absorber

Always check if the leak-barrier wings are also organic!

The use of organic cotton doesn’t necessarily mean the wings are organic. If you’re looking for a sanitary pad that is fully organic, be sure to check if the leak-barrier wings are made or organic cotton as well!

AUDREY SUN Double Core uses organic cotton raw materials including the leak-barrier wings instead of synthetic non-woven fabrics which are cheap and easy to produce.

Always check if the top-sheet to absorbers are TCF

TCF stands for Totally Chlorine Free, the best method for bleaching cotton to ensure there are no harmful chemicals left over from the bleaching process. Chlorine bleach, which is commonly used in the manufacture of pulp or cotton, can release DIOXINS, known as carcinogens, into the environment. Fully chlorine-free bleaching (TCF) is a bleaching method that uses only environmentally-friendly ingredients without using any type of chlorine or chlorine-based compounds. Our cotton is OCS Certified Organic, and our natural pulp is PEFC Certified 100% natural compressed pulp.

A truly natural sanitary pad made from natural raw materials

Be sure to check if the top-sheet to absorbers are all natural! All components are natural except the breathable waterproof back-sheet.

1. Leak-Barrier Wings

Organic Cotton

Protection from unwanted leaks using leak-barrier wings.

2. Top-Sheet

Organic Cotton

A completely organic mesh top-sheet that quickly passes through menstrual blood and provides non-irritating comfort.

3. Primary Absorber

Organic Cotton

For instant absorption while providing a cushioned fit.

4. Secondary Absorber

100% Natural Compressed Pulp

PEFC certified Scandinavian compressed pulp (German patented and sustainable compression method) which further increases the absorption rate.

5. Back-Sheet

Breathable Film

Maintains its water-tight function while also allowing air permeation for longer wearing periods.

Audrey Sun TCF Line

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