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Natural Cotton Puff
Natural Cotton Puff
Natural Cotton Puff
Natural Cotton Puff

Natural Cotton Puff

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Audrey Sun
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Audrey Sun Natural Cotton Puff 80P
Featuring a Larger Size! Medical Grade

With a larger size than conventional cotton puffs, Audrey Sun’s Premium Puffs allow you to cover a larger area during your beauty routine, meaning all you need is ONE SWIPE!

Lint-Free Absorption
The premium natural absorbency of cotton coupled with the shape of our facial cotton puffs results in superior liquid retention. Linting can cause skin dryness and clog the pores with debris causing irritation. Audrey Sun Premium Puffs are designed to prevent linting and soak up all your product which improves skin hydration, not to mention taking away the stress of removing lint from your face.

100% Natural Cotton
Made of 100% natural cotton, our puffs are hypoallergenic so they are great for sensitive skin.